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Dear players,

Please allow me to show my great appreciation in the first place, thank you all for trusting us and being a customer on our site. Along with your support, I believe we will be much more better as time going on. 

gameshop4u is dedicated to provide high level service for all game players with game gold, items as well as powerleveling and all other game-related accessories. Our aim is to become a professional game currency provider in 1-2 years. 

In order to meet the demands of our increasing customers, We now set up a new set of membership discount policy. You can enjoy the discount service by being a member on gameshop4u, register to be a member is the first step. You can get 1% discount once you registered and also every time you order with logging into our site. Once your order amount reached $300, you will be our VIP. The details of VIP discount is as following. 

Please keep in mind of registering and logging into site before you place any order. 

VIP level            Expenditure          Discount

General           Registered member          1%

VIP E                   $300                 2%

VIP D                   $800                 3%

VIP C                   $1500                4%

VIP B                   $3000                5%

VIP A                   $5000                6%

Top VIP                $10000                8%           

Thanks for all the ones who read this dialogue, your support is the best way to get us better!

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