Fifa 18 review round up

Fifa 18 is here. And there's one big question: will you get it?

It's the question all football game fans are forced to ponder each year, come September. But that just makes the question more urgent, since you know that there's the opportunity to wait a few months and get it a bit cheaper, or wait a year and get a new game entirely.

Initial reviews suggest yes, for one big reason: the Journey mode, alongside some other little tweaks. But there are more than a couple of caveats to that, most of them about what actually happens on the pitch.

In many ways, it's possible to predict the conclusion of every review. If you're a keen fan of Fifa, then buy it, since the small improvements and updates to fifa 18 coins players and kits are more than enough to make the game a significant upgrade; if you're not that bothered and have one of the games from the last couple of years, don't bother.

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