FIFA 18 is official now

FIFA 18 is official, and this is our ultimate guide. Start with our hands-on impressions, followed by the latest news, trailers and feature info for the new game.

Hands-on review by Max Parker

Keeping an annual franchise fresh is hard, but EA Sports has been on an impressive run with FIFA over the past few iterations. FIFA 18 isn’t a huge overhaul, but the various tweaks and additions make a game of football that’s much more realistic, fluid and very enjoyable.

The switch to the Frostbite engine last year was huge, giving the series a dramatic facelift. But, as with the move to any new fifa 18 coins engine, there were some quirks with odd player reactions and blank faces. There are countless funny blooper videos all over YouTube. Thankfully FIFA 18 is the year when the Frostbite engine really comes into its own, and this game looks absolutely stunning for it.

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