FIFA 18 Rio Ferdinand interview

FIFA 18 sees the return of Alex Hunter for the second part of The Journey.

EA Sports has promised it’ll be bigger and better than last year – and from what we’ve played, we have to agree.

The Journey: Hunter Returns follows the young star as he battles to establish himself on the international stage.

Along the way, he bumps into a load of football stars, from Cristiano Ronaldo to Rio Ferdinand.

But it’s the latter star that caught our attention – for the wrong reasons.

At the start of the FIFA 18‘s The Journey, Hunter meets Ferdinand for an interview on a show aptly named ‘Ones to Watch’.

Sadly, I found the entire ordeal incredibly awkward – crammed with unnatural silences, and bizarre questions including, “Now, when did you get the smell” (referring to Hunter’s sense that he was going to have a good season).

There’s almost zero chemistry between the pair – which, in fairness, must be hard given they’re both essentially a collection of pixels.

But the real kicker comes when Rio starts asking about Hunter’s father.

Rather than giving the gamer a choice – a chance to shape how the public sees Hunter’s relationship with his dad, EA answers the question for us – a huge missed opportunity.

It’s those kind of questions that gamers want to answer themselves – and is reminiscent of the restricted dialogue choices in last year’s game.

Instead, we get simplistic choices such as ‘I enjoy playing football’, which reveals very little about, what’s shaping up to be, a complex character.

This, coupled with the fact that there’s no time-limit given to the player to answer each question, really takes away from the intensity.

EA does try their best to make the questions interesting – and there’s a nice touch about his relationship with Gareth Walker, but overall, what should have been one of the stronger parts of Hunter Returns is actually quite forgettable.

Let’s hope as we continue playing through that things get better for Hunter and co.

So, what do we think about FIFA 18?

FIFA 18 is a far superior fifa 18 coins game than FIFA 17 – but there are still some issues.

Frostbite, for all its good looks, still brings with it numerous annoying glitches and errors. We hope EA patches these in the coming weeks.

However, when it comes to gameplay, the shift towards a more tactical experience is welcome – encouraging you to really think about the game, and rewarding you amply when you do.

We’ve haven’t had a long enough go on FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch, but from what we’ve seen, it’s an incredibly impressive package, too.

PES 2018, on the other hand, is vastly different – offering a faster, arguably more fun, football experience.

For a more in-depth look, be sure to check out our full FIFA 18 review.

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