EA FIFA 18 new Icons

FIFA 18 has ditched Legends in favour of Icons – but there’s one aspect of it that’s driving some fans mad.

The name.

They’re so unhappy that they’ve started an entire FIFA 18 sub-Reddit about it, titled ‘Just me or is the Icon name a bit s**t?’.

One fan wrote: “Legends sounds much better. It’s fierce. But ‘icon’ sounds like a failed talent show.”

Another said: “Icon sucks. Legend is bad ass. Icon reminds me of history class.”

Unlike in previous games, Icons will be multi-platform, while Legends was an Xbox exclusive.

It’s thought EA had to change the name due to contractual issues with Microsoft.

Fans have been calling out to EA for years to make ‘Legends’ multi-platform so it seems EA finally decided to listen.

Brazilian star Ronaldo Nazário was confirmed as the first ‘Icon’ and will be available when the game launches on September 29.

So, when will pre-orders start?

FIFA 17 pre-orders have kicked off now.

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